Write is not literacy anymore!

Write is not literacy anymore!

Write is not literacy anymore!

The first thing that is taught in school to any kid that starts schooling is to read and to write. From that day on for the next 2 decades students go through a rigmarole revolving around reading and writing – tests, exams, assignments etc. Infact the very term ‘Literacy’ means our ability to read and write. Have you ever wondered why is reading and writing such a big deal in our schooling? One of the answers to this question lies in the fact that for more than a 1000 years knowledge resided in books, if one were to gain knowledge from books they need to have the skill of reading and writing was essential to share the knowledge.

Till a few years ago the biggest difference between literate and illiterate was that knowledge was accessible only to the ones who knew how to read and write. But the reality of the world we live in today is that more knowledge, information and news is created and shared through the AV and Video medium. The very definition of literacy is being redefined, you don’t necessarily have to read to gain knowledge and you don’t need to necessarily write to share knowledge. Infact not many people realize that we are presently living through a knowledge revolution.

If reading and writing meant literacy in a world of books, ever wondered what is the new meaning of literacy in the video era?

It is a known fact that kids don’t like to read and write as much as the generations before them. Kids are increasingly consuming content through the AV medium and in the recent past they have shown great appetite to create abundant AV content.

If you read good books you will write good stuff, similarly if children have to create good content we have to expose them to good films and content. It is imperative that we expose children to good content, but this is where the tragedy lies, the quality of content that they are exposed to is very substandard. Cinema, TV, Online and all other channels alike all have very low quality kids content. Infact according to YouTube the least amount of content uploaded on their network is for the age group between 6 to 16 years.

Very few mainstream production houses of the world produce good children’s films. It is the independent film makers who make the best films for children, the challenge they face is that they have very few avenues to distribute their films as mainstream networks like TV, Netflix and DTH etc do not encourage such content as they lean more towards masala entertainment. The only avenue available for independent kids films to reach its audience is Kids Film Festivals. The best content made for children is normally screened in kid’s film festivals, its like taking children to a library and expose them to a visual world of content.

The reality of kids film festivals is that they are organised in very few cities across the world, even in those festivals very few students get to witness the festival as the events are not marketed effectively or are priced very high.

We at LXL Ideas came up with a question – If kids don’t go to kids film festivals, can we take the festival to the kids? This question gave birth to the idea of International Kids Film Festival (IKFF) last year which was a tremendous success. This year when we set out to plan IKFF 2018 we realized that the kids are the same across the globe and the challenge of good kids content is universal and so is the reach of kids film festivals. So we have embarked on a very ambitious project to take IKFF to the world.

The world is tuning into IKFF, don’t be left behind register on ikff.lxl.in and host a film festival this Children’s day in your school log onto www.IKFF.in

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